How Our Property Managers Help You

The 1% Difference


Save Time

Our trusted property management teams are on the ground handling the day-to-day operations, so you can focus on growing your passive income stream. We handle everything from A-Z.


Peace of Mind

Our property management teams protect your assets and keep things running smoothly with a focus on preventative maintenance. From communicating with tenants, handling repairs, minimizing risks and expenses with in depth routine property checks, and much more.

The PRO Difference

We have a VERY LOW eviction and TURN OVER rate. 


We will PAY for the filing fee’s if ANY of our placed tenants default in rent during the placement period.


We DO NOT charge a full lease fee when tenant default, instead we replace the tenant and pro-rate our fee based on length of occupancy so you never pay more for the period of 12 months.


We always share pictures and document before and after condition for repairs. No guessing what was done or what you paid for. 


If it takes us longer than 60 days to lease, we will waive our lease fee! Our average Days On the Market is 15-30 days and we commit to it!


 How It Works

 We Connect You

    Connect with our certified residential property manager.

    Select one of our certified property managers. 


They Handle The Rest

While You Enjoy The Best!


Your property manager takes care of everything agreed to in initial evaluation and will work with you directly day to day.


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